writing blogs is hard

I hate writing. I started this blog as an exercise to force myself to write something once a week. Whether it was a programming 'pro-tip' or »

how git bisect and giant robots saved the day.

A couple weeks ago, while I was pushing an update to one of our repositories, I noticed our test suite had a plethora of failing specs. »

why I use RubyMine...For now.

Hello Everyone! I have been struggling with a new topic to write about this last month. Since I couldn't think of any mind blowing code samples, »

making a blog you might actually use in 15 minutes...ish

Amanda was first introduced to me on a ruby5 podcast while driving to work one morning. I had heard of a blog engine that used Dropbox »

ruby String Concatenating vs Appending

While reading through the github style guide for ruby, something popped out at me that I considered a little more than just good style. Being that »

command line Style file creation in Sublime Text 2

While watching several thoughtbot videos in which VIM is the editor of choice I found myself consistently falling behind whenever the proctor would create a new »